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Kid Friendly Foods

Loaded with Fruits and Veggies

Macaroni and Cheese + Peas Green Beans Carrots

A favorite among kids, why not feed them the macaroni and cheese they love with some added flavor, color and nutrition. Simply add in your favorite vegetable and cook the same way you always do!

Pizza + Pineapple Peppers Mushrooms

Make your favorite cheese pizza more exciting and healthy by topping it with diced pineapple, slices of red, orange, yellow or green bell peppers, broccoli, shredded squash or a variety of mushrooms.

Mashed Potatoes + Carrots Squash Green Beans

There is no need to make plain mashed potatoes when you can add in some shredded cooked carrots, green beans, squash or mashed sweet potatoes and get added nutrition with a flavor boost!

Pasta + Spinach Squash Mushrooms

Try making your next pasta or lasagna dinner with a vegetable pasta, like spinach, and toss it with your own sauce creation - shredded veggies, like mushrooms, squash or carrots.

Meat Kabobs + Bell Peppers Tomatoes Pineapple

Add chunks of fresh fruit or vegetables to your meat kabobs, or just create kabobs with a variety of vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, squash and tomatoes. When grilling, place veggies on a skewer for cooking.

Low Fat Yogart + Strawberries Pineapple Blueberries

Simply by adding fresh, frozen or canned fruit, like berries and citrus fruits, you will make a healthy snack even healthier! Take advantage of fruits and berries that are in season.