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Help Us Fight Hunger - We are passionate about providing kids nutritious juice that delivers at least one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) in every serving of juice. This commitment to family and nutrition doesn't end at our dining-room table — it extends to our community. That is why this summer we want to help in the fight against hunger in America.

Child Hunger

Summer months leave food insecure children at an even greater risk - Click here to see why
X 1. Children are out of school and don’t have access to the National School Lunch Program 2. Fewer donations are given during summer months
Food Insecurity – The lack of access at times to enough nutritionally adequate foods for an active, healthy life.
Approximately 1 in 5 16 million children are food insecure in America now

Good Nutrition

1.5 Cups of Fruits a Day*

Learn more about healthy eating at *Recommended serving size for 6-11 year olds

X Children that have good nutrition are more likely to reach their FULL PHYSICAL GROWTH POTENTIAL.
X Healthier children tend to have higher academic achievement because they are well prepared for school.
X Healthier children display social & behavioral wellness because they tend to adapt better to environmental stress.
X Good nutrition helps maintain children's health
X Fruits provide essential nutrients like potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate (folic acid).
Click to see elements of good nutrition

Helping place fruit in the hands of children and families in need is as simple as purchasing any JUICY JUICE® product.*

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JUICY JUICE® Fruit For All Project

To help combat increasing childhood hunger during the summer months, JUICY JUICE® has pledged to donate up to 35 million pieces of fruit.*

That's over 50% of the total pieces of fruit Feeding America® distributed in 2011!

JUICY JUICE® Fruit Promise™ - One full serving of fruit
X Our Promise - Every serving of JUICY JUICE® provides at least one full serving (1/2 cup) of fruit.* *Kids need fruit every day. Most of those fruit servings should come from whole fruits, but Juicy Juice can help too. Kids love the taste and you’ll love the nutrition it provides! A 4 fl oz serving of JUICY JUICE® = 1 fruit serving (1/2 cup)
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Feeding America®

They are the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity with more than 200 member food banks. In 2011, Feeding America® distributed 69 million pieces of fruit.

Click to see our commitment
X The JUICY JUICE® Fruit for All Project and its Fruit Promise are an extension of the Nestlé® commitment to bring Good Food, Good Life into communities when they need help most.
Nestlé® - Good Food. Good Life.
X Since 1990, Nestlé® has donated more than 250 million pounds of food and beverages, including JUICY JUICE®, to food banks in nearly every state in the country.
Get Involved!
257,219,124 pieces of fruit have been donated by purchasing JUICY JUICE® in stores Locate A Store
4,684 pieces of fruit have been donated online
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FAQ's - Click on each question to reveal the answer.
  • 1 What is the goal of the Juicy Juice® Fruit for All Project?

    Answer: To help in the fight against hunger by delivering up to 35 million pieces of fruit to children and families in need. Juicy Juice knows it can be difficult to get enough fruits into kids’ diets. It’s why each serving of Juicy Juice provides at least one full serving (1/2 cup) of fruit* that kids love and parents can feel good about giving their families. The Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project is an extension of that mission focused on providing fruit servings to those who need it most.

    *Majority of fruit servings should come from whole fruit. HIDE

  • 2 Why is Juicy Juice donating fruit?

    Answer: In every serving of Juicy Juice, we promise to provide at least one full serving (1/2 cup) of fruit*. Now, when you buy Juicy Juice for your child, you’ll also be providing fruit servings to children and families in need.

    *Majority of fruit servings should come from whole fruit. HIDE

  • 3 Why is Juicy Juice partnering with Feeding America?

    Answer: Feeding America is the nation’s largest hunger relief agency with a network of over 200 regional food banks and over 61,000 charitable feeding agencies. Feeding America is uniquely qualified to help Nestlé Juicy Juice impact the lives of food insecure families and we’ve been working closely for more than 20 years to accomplish just that. Since 1990, the Nestlé/Feeding America partnership has resulted in the donation of more than 250 million pounds of food. HIDE

  • 4 Which Juicy Juice purchases result in a fruit donation? Where can I buy them?

    Answer: Any Juicy Juice product purchased in store will result in a fruit donation. That includes eight-packs of our juice boxes, cans of our concentrate, as well as any of our larger plastic bottles. A list of stores selling Juicy Juice can be found here. Juicy Juice purchased in restaurants or schools are not included in the program. HIDE

  • 5 How else can I get involved?

    Answer: In addition to purchasing Juicy Juice, you can participate in weekly online challenges at to donate even more fruit! Juicy Juice also encourages everyone to volunteer their time and energy to the hunger relief cause. In fact, upload any picture of you and your family helping feed the hungry at and we’ll donate three pieces of fruit to the cause. To find a food bank near you, click here. HIDE

  • 6 How long does the program run?

    Answer: June 1st through August 31st 2012, or until we can donate 35 million pieces of fruit. HIDE