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Tools & Activities

Obstacle Course

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What You Need

Indoor Obstacle Course suggestions:

  • Large pillows (3-5)
  • Large appliance box (big enough for you and your toddler to crawl through)
  • Plastic bucket
  • Soft indoor balls (2-3)

Outdoor Obstacle Course suggestions:

  • Sand pails (2 or 3)
  • Small rubber playground balls (2-3)
  • A tree

How To Play

An obstacle course is a fun way to entertain your toddler and a friend during a play-date.

Indoor Obstacle Course:
Click here for Indoor Obstacle Course Layout

  • Clear an area in your home so that your child and his friend can jump and tumble without getting hurt.
  • Scatter large pillows around to crawl or jump over.
  • Add a large appliance box to crawl through.
  • Finish the course with a bucket and a ball to toss into it.
  • Play Follow-the-Leader through the obstacle course with you as the leader, showing the children how to navigate up, over and through each part of the course.

Outdoor Obstacle Course:
Click here for Outdoor Obstacle Course Layout

You can also set up an obstacle course in your back yard or at your local park.

  • Set two or three sand pails in a line, far enough apart so that you can zig-zag through them.
  • Place the pails near a tree. After zig-zagging through the pails, run all the way around the tree and then zig-zag back through the pails.
  • With you as the leader, give each child a small playground ball to toss into (or near) a sand pail.
  • You can repeat the course once or twice encouraging each child to be the leader.

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