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Estimated Time(s):

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Serving Size:


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Bone Chillin' Brew

With floating hands made of frozen water, this Bone Chillin' Brew is easy to prepare. Perfect for a party, this punch's haunting flavor will have guests reaching for more.

Read the Nestlé Kitchens blog for some "handy" tips on this recipe.

Rated: *****

Nutrition Information


3 cups water
3 clear plastic gloves
3 rubber bands or twist ties
2 bottles (64 fl. oz. each) punch-flavored juice chilled
1 can (12 fl. oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate slightly thawed
4 cans (12 fl. oz. each) lemon-lime soda chilled


water into gloves, adding enough water to fill the gloves loosely but not so full that the fingers will not move. Fasten gloves with rubber bands or twist ties. Line baking sheet with paper towels. Place filled gloves on paper towels. Freeze for 3 hours or until firm.

juice and lemonade concentrate in large punch bowl. Gradually stir in soda. Carefully cut gloves off hands with scissors. Float hands in punch.


Number of reviews: 99

chantel bernstein castle rock, co
What a great article, super fun idea. the kids will love this! Juicy juice bunch member.

Rated: 5

shannon alexander Indiana
This is kinda a scary drink but I think it would be fun

Rated: 5

nj North Dakota
This is a great idea, the glove is the best part. I am excited to use this for future parties and events. I am excited to try different combinations as well.

Rated: 5

nj North Dakota
As a member of the juicy juice family I found this article for the Bone Chillin Brew to be wonderful. I really enjoy the articles. I always find the recipes to be nutricious for our family and fun. Also the feedback from other parents is great. It is always nice to get ideas from other sources. We tried this brew and it was a hit.

Rated: 5

justin king Philadelphia, PA
Thanks for the great recipe, My kids and I enjoyed making it.

Rated: 5

justin king Philadelphia, PA
Thanks for the fun recipe. Me and my kids enjoyed making this.A member of the Juicy bunch

Rated: 5

This is such a fun idea. Plus it is quite a tasty treat as well.

Rated: 5

I love this idea! We will definitely be trying this next year.

Rated: 5

This will be awesome for our party next year. -A Juicy Bunch member

Rated: 5

Sharon Lehrer oak park, ca
I love Halloween and decorating and wish I had seen this sooner. Will definitely be done for next year!

Rated: 5

Brandy Coppini Rochester
I made this punch for halloween and it tasted great, but the fingers of my frozen hand were quick to melt and break off. A few minutes into the party, no one could tell that it was a hand floating in the juice.

Rated: 4

Ashley R. Auburn
I will try this recipe next year. -Juicy Bunch Member

Rated: 5

Ashley R. Auburn, AL
I will try this idea next year. -Juicy Bunch Member

Rated: 5

We will be making these next year for our halloween party for a non-alcoholic option!

Rated: 5

chantel castle rock
Great recipe, quick and easy to make and it tastes great. Gloves worked great and were a huge hit with the kids. Juicy bunch member.

Rated: 5

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