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Thank You! Together, We Did It!

You've helped millions of families in need!

June through August of this year, we asked for your help getting fruit to the children and families who need it most and WE DID IT. Thanks to Feeding America and the incredible efforts of Juicy Juice drinkers everywhere, millions of pieces of fruit will be distributed across the country! Approximately 1 in 5 American children suffer from food insecurity and, thanks to you, the Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project has responded strongly to the issue. We can’t thank you enough.

For more information on hunger relief and what else you can do, please visit With their network of 200 food banks and more than 61,000 feeding agencies, Feeding America is doing incredible work and can always use your help!

Nestlé Juicy Juice is passionate about providing kids great-tasting, nutritious juice that delivers at least one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) in every serving.* This commitment to family and fruit nutrition doesn’t end at our dining-room table – it extends to our community. From all of us at Juicy Juice, thanks again for your help during the course of the Fruit for All Project and for every time you pick Juicy Juice for your family.

* Kids need fruit every day. Most of those fruit servings should come from whole fruits, but Juicy Juice can help too. Kids love the taste and you’ll love the nutrition it provides!

The Fruit For All Project Story The Fruit For All Project Trailer Dupri’s Story Ashton and Elizabeth’s Story Maya and Mercy’s Story

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Our Promise. Our Pledge.

Nestlé® JUICY JUICE® is passionate about providing kids nutritious juice that delivers at least one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) in every serving of juice.**

That’s why this summer, Juicy Juice pledges to provide up to 35 million pieces of fruit to children and families in need.* Watch our video to learn more about the Fruit For All Project.

**Majority of daily fruit intake should come from whole fruit

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